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Monday, February 14, 2011

This Joint Is Jumpin’!

When Fats Waller sang, he must have been thinking of Little House: 
This joint is jumpin', It's really jumpin', Come in cats an' check your hats, I mean this joint is jumpin'.

Oh yes, that was from the fellas who gave us “Ain’t Misbehavin’”. Well, we ain’t misbehavin’, but we are havin’ fun and we’re full of life most days of the week.

On Friday it felt like Grand Central Station in the Jane West Room at Little House. People were flowing in and out of activities and classes, playing games, watching world events on TV, holding meetings, reading the papers, chatting, struggling with puzzles, trips were gathering more adventurers – and that was just the front room.

The action started off with exercise in the Fitness Center with Mary Furuta’s Lifetime Fitness. Then followed by Feldenkreis Movement. Advanced French was was in full swing. The Peninsula Tutoring Network joined us for the first time and were amazed at how great a meeting place Little House is.

The Little House Café was full and the food was great, as always. We were serenaded by pianist Lilly Sasson, Crane Place member, who now tickles the ivories most Fridays in the Café.

David Desederi was calling Bingo, and the bridge players were calling bids across the card tables.
Linda Washington was styling Perfect Hair all day.

Our Computer Lab held classes in Absolute Beginners and Email Clinic, while the Computer Club hummed along in the next room.
Our new media volunteer, Dhruti Shah, was interviewing and filming members for the new Peninsula Volunteers blog and the PV YouTube channel.

And if you think that was a fluke, try us on Mondays and Tuesdays.

Most of all, I kept hearing snatches of conversation in which members greeted one another with, “Hey, I haven’t seen you in a while.” If we haven’t seen YOU in a while, come in cats an' check your hats, I mean this joint is jumpin'.

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