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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Feeding Hungry Seniors Is Like Stone Soup

It does take a village, if you remember the old folk tale about "Stone Soup". It's the same at Peninsula Volunteers Meals on Wheels and our Nutrition Services overall.

"If I only had a carrot...," the soldier cried beside his cauldron of water and a stone in the village courtyard. Then one villager ventured forward cautiously with his carrot and added it to the Stone Soup. "If I only had an onion....," cried the soldier, and so forth until all the ingredients to the soup were bubbling away in the cauldron, and all the villagers were happily gathered around awaiting their soup.

We'd like to thank especially the Second Harvest Food Bank (serving San Mateo and Santa Clara Counties) for their immense contribution to our Nutrition Services and Meals on Wheels. Every week they donate over 1200 pounds of food to us, so that we can send out 1300 meals to homebound seniors and disabled adults, plus 6 congregate food sites. We couldn't do it without their help!

We'd also like to thank two other food partners in ending senior hunger: Safeway on El Camino and Middle Avenue in Menlo Park, and the Menlo Park Farmers Market. Both donate food every week that we can give away free at Little House: Safeway donates bread and baked goods (very very tasty!), and the Farmers Market donates surplus fresh fruit and vegetables in season. We have a free food table at Little House for seniors who are financially struggling. No one is asked anything; they just quietly come and smile as they leave with a loaf and something to cook.

And that makes us smile at Peninsula Volunteers.

Stone Soup indeed!
Second Harvest Food Bank
Menlo Park Farmers Market

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