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Monday, May 2, 2011

Little House Thanks Rebuilding Together, Master Gardeners & Junior League

Wow! Wait till you see what Rebuilding Together, the Master Gardeners, and the Junior League put together for Peninsula Volunteers Little House, the Roslyn G. Morris Activity Center.

Over the weekend a crew of over 40 volunteers from all 3 organizations tackled our projects. The idea was to refresh and expand the use and facilities at Little House.

The did all of the following:
  • Enclosed a new patio area with gorgeous redwood planters for outdoor activities.
  • Replanted the entire inner courtyard.
  • Opened up the kitchen gardens and re-soiled them completely.
  • Added a wheelchair accessible garden for our new adapted gardening class.
  • Started what will become our Butterfly & Bird Garden adjacent to the park.
  • Built a large drying shed for our ceramics program.
  • Built a large table garage for our equipment.
I can't begin to tell you how much work was involved. Whole trees were uprooted, stumps ground down, compost made of of them. Enough great planting soil was added to fill a room! This was all hard labor and a lot of love went into it.

Take a look at some of the before and after pictures on Jay Chesavage's website for the project: http://www.chesavage.com/rt_2011/index.html

Peninsula Volunteers thanks Jay & Pam Chesavage for their hard work and planning. Jay volunteers with Rebuilding Together Peninsula, and Pam is a Master Gardener for Santa Clara County. Jay worked with a team organized by Amy Truel mostly from the Junior League of Palo Alto, with some help from a local carpentry contractor.

Betsy Kehoe, PV Provisional, is the planner and crew chief for our San Mateo Master Gardeners on this project. She and Leslie Parent, another Master Gardener, have been helping us organize the Little House Gardening program that is now very successful and growing (no pun intended). Our own PV Little House gardeners replanted the fountain area too. 

Our special thanks to Bohannon Foundation, who funded the materials, and to Rebuilding Together Peninsula. 

What a team!  

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