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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Why Are These Women Smiling?

Peninsula Volunteers Meals On Wheels is delivering a warm winter blanket to all our regular food recipients next week!  
Starting Tuesday, October 11th, everyone on our Meals on Wheels routes - from East Palo Alto through Belmont - will be receiving a nice warm blanket, along with their tasty meals. 

Peninsula Volunteers Pat Grillos, Linda Drew
and Meals on Wheels Chair Jackie Scandalios
 in front of a shed full of blankets.
Last year at our "Mayors for Meals" event, Supervisor Don Horsley noticed how cold some of their houses were. When he inquired, he found that many of the seniors and disabled adults were turning off their heat to save precious dollars. Even worse, he saw that some of them didn't have a blanket to keep them warm!

That's when Peninsula Volunteers Linda Drew and Pat Grillos swung into action. They created a fundraising event just to buy blankets and were very successful. This week Meals on Wheels will return to those cold homes and give a gift of warmth.

On Tuesday, NBC Bay Area Reporter Bob Redell will join Supervisor Don Horsley in kicking off the blanket delivery drive. Carlsen Subaru Manager Todd Parkinson will drive them to select homes to publicize how important it is that we truly take care of our most vulnerable home-bound citizens. Look for them in the news on Tuesday and send your best wishes along with them to those who need our help the most!

Meals on Wheels Director Marilyn
Baker-Venturini engulfed by all the blankets.
For your information, NBC/Comcast and Subaru are both partnering with Peninsula Volunteers Meals on Wheels this year. Supervisor Don Horsley is a longtime supporter of the program, having someone very close to him as a recipient for years.

For more information on the blanket drive call: Pennie Lundberg, Director of Development at 650-326-0665 ext. 231. We can use YOUR support!
Jackie Scandalios & Pat Grillos packing the blankets.

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