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Friday, November 18, 2011

BBB is a Smash Hit!

This year's Baubles, Bangles & Bags was not just sold out early. The event was a smash hit with those who got seats AND raised a whopping  record for this event! (We'll post the $ soon.)

Congratulations to Camilla Shroff and her team: Patricia Grillos, Darlene Woodson and Linda Drew.

The "R by Reeti" fashion show was tasteful and elegant. The tables were elegant and fun. The crowd? Well they were certainly fun and having a ball. If you were there you know that; if you missed it this year, you'll want to be there next year for sure.

Be sure to look for BBB next fall and this time buy your tickets and send in your sponsorship early.

R by Reeti, established in 2011, is a brand built as a Couture Fashion House encapsulating an artistic blend of both creativity and majesty.  The hallmark of the house is luxury in all aspects of manufacture and design.

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