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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Mural Project - Call for Artists!

Little House is seeking a mural design for the interior of our Little House Cafe at 800 Middle Ave. in Menlo Park.

Theme: Two murals, one a Parisian cafe scene viewed from outside, showing diners enjoying food and beverages, camaraderie, and possibly looking from inside the cafe to the street outside, with Parisian views in the background. The second mural is an interior view closer of coffee being served.

Mural #1: Outdoor scene dimensions are 54" high by 137" wide.
Mural #2: A barista serving coffee; dimensions are 48" high by 58" wide.

Little House will supply the acrylic paints and gesso for painting the mural.

Since Little House serves a demographic that includes all ages, the style needs to be something that will appeal to a broad range of people. It doesn't need to be realistic, it can be somewhat abstracted or impressionistic, but it can't be cartoon-like or graffiti style.

PRIZE: The artist whose design is chosen will be included in the social media sites of Little House and Peninsula Volunteers, and will receive two free dinners at LuLu's Restaurant in Menlo Park.

Entry Deadline: March 22, 2012. Finalist will be asked to submit design in person.

NOTE: By submitting their artwork to the Little House Art Spaces, all artists agree to allow photographs to be taken of their art for educational, publicity and archival purposes by Peninsula Volunteers, Inc.

Entries may be sent to: cduhring@peninsulavolunteers.org.

Your entry must include the following: Name, Mailing Address, Phone, and Email (if you have one), plus your signature on this statement: "AGREEMENT: Your signature gives artist's consent to all conditions specified in the guidelines." Include the date you signed.

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