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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Jane West - Our Golden Girl is Always with Us!

PV President Jill Jerrehian
On March 1st Peninsula Volunteers threw a great reception to dedicate Jane West's portrait alcove in our "Jane West Room" at Little House. PVs, Community Advisory Council members, staff and friends all gathered to honor our dear friend Jane once more.

Jane's daughter, Jill McCalister, was thrilled with the portrait and thanked us all for continuing to honor her mother. She read the dedication plaque on the portrait frame: "Our Golden Girl is Always with Us!" You could feel Jane's spirit and presence in all her friends who were there to celebrate her gift of herself to Peninsula Volunteers.

Bart Charlow & Jill McCalister
There were two surprises for Jill McCalister as well. Jill was inducted as an "Honorary PV"; and we had also framed the lovely heartfelt letter that Jane sent to us on her mother's passing. Jill installed the framed letter immediately across from her mother's portrait in the Jane West Room alcove. A fitting tribute and something we can all view for inspiration any time we're at Little House.

The real testimony to Jane's legacy was all around us: the fire in the fireplace, the flowers, and Little House members in droves coming for the evening's exercise classes. Yes, we're getting quite full and that hubbub of people of 3 generations coming to use Little House is the result of all Jane's hard work for us.

Jill McCalister & Jane West's portrait
We hope she would be pleased.

Jill McCalister thanking all

Jill's delight

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