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Friday, March 25, 2011

Our Mayors Deliver!!!

On Wednesday, 3/23, Peninsula Volunteers Meals on Wheels program held our annual “Mayors for Meals” event. The event is actually coordinated nationally with our sister agencies in the Meals on Wheels Association of America, with thousands of public officials participating to show their support for senior nutrition services.

Officials from 6 of our South San Mateo County cities, along with officials of the Sequoia Health Care District and San Mateo County (which support our MOW program), participated in packing and delivering Meals on Wheels to their constituents. Participating were:
Jim Dobbie, Mayor of Atherton
Jerry Carlson, Council Member Atherton
Carlos Romero, Mayor of East Palo Alto
Richard Cline, Mayor of Menlo Park
Ted Driscoll, Mayor of Portola Valley
Alicia Aguirre, Vice Mayor of Redwood City
Omar Ahmad, Mayor of San Carlos
Ron Romines, Mayor of Woodside
Anne Kasten, Council Member Woodside
Don Horsley, San Mateo County Supervisor District 3
Lee Michelson, CEO Sequoia Healthcare District, and District Board Members: Jerry Shefren, Kim Griffin, and Kathleen Kane.
Marsha Fong, Manager San Mateo County Aging and Adult Services and Fel Amistad, San Mateo County Commission on Disabilities

This is great fun for our diners! They get the honchos from their communities coming right to their doors and handing out the delicious meals. How often can you say that?

We can, every year.

The beauty of Mayors for Meals is that it’s the most direct way that you can get a feeling for the real value of the most basic public service of all: food. It’s a reminder to our officials, as one of our speakers so beautifully put it, about the people they almost never see in public meetings: the shut-ins who are among the most vulnerable people in our towns.

We are so pleased to host this effort each year and we’re grateful to the mayors and officials who did their part – they really delivered!

Here are some great story links for you from our friends at Patch.com and InMenlo.com:

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