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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

"Jilly's Garden" - Dedicated to a Lady

Peninsula Volunteers has been honored to have Jill Jerrehian as our President, not once, but twice. Her dedication to all our programs is evident in everything she does. Jill is here almost every day working tirelessly behind the scenes.

So it's fitting that her family organized an event with the Peninsula Volunteers to honor her.

Yesterday we did the impossible: We surprised Jill with the dedication of our new Little House patio in her name: "Jilly's Garden". Was she ever surprised! Take a look at the expression on her face.
Jill is about to say "Oh my!" 

Peninsula Volunteers Board, Past Presidents and Community Advisers were there to help celebrate.

Daughter, Laura O'Donohue, and Jill.
Who's that under those Foster Grants?
Jill loves the new patio and invites all to share in the pleasures of sitting under an umbrella amidst the flowers and watching the children or the squirrels in the park.

The Jerrehian Family

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