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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Martha Castillo Clayprints in Little House Galleries

Martha Castillo’s life reflects many facets of the arts. Starting with classical ballet as a young girl, she later discovered a passion for theatre, along with ceramics, collage, and the visual arts. She holds a BFA in theatre arts, and a Master's degree in Art Therapy.
In the mid 70’s, Martha embarked on an exploration of ceramics as a sculpture medium, and continued her studies in England where she lived for seven years. In 1993, Martha returned to California. She focused for a time on collage and mixed media, and continued her studies of various other art techniques. During an investigation into fine art printmaking, she was introduced to Mitch Lyons* and his innovative new technique, clay monoprint, or “clayprinting”. Now working almost exclusively in this medium, she sets some time aside for teaching.

In addition to gallery representation, Martha shows in alternative spaces, including her own studio. Martha’s paintings have been compared to Richard Diebenkorn, and Hans Hoffman, among others.

For a visual demonstration of how she creates her prints, go to Martha’s website: http://www.marthacastillo.net/workshop-demo/

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